Charlie’s TRS-80 MC-10 web page.

Software and Links for the TRS-80 Micro Color Computer Model MC-10.

These MC-10 programs are in .WAV format. (audio files) They can be loaded by the VMC10 emulator.

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Pac-Man for the MC-10 by Greg Dionne !

This is a machine language program. CLOADM

PAC-MAN (EXEC to start)

Space Assault from the COCO by Darren Atkinson

This is a machine language program. CLOADM

Space Assault (EXEC to start)

Games I made for the MC-10 : (click name to download)

Block Drop – Catch the falling blocks.

Defend MC-10 – Block the incoming missiles.

Demon Attack – Shoot the demon !

Dragon Castles – Game of luck. Search the 8 castles.

Dragon Castles 2020 – New version for 2020 !!!

Freeway - Avoid the cars and cross the freeway!

Games not by me but edited by me:

Asteroids 64 - by Rogelio Perea. Added High Score counter and some text. Avoid the Asteroids!

Road Race - from Programs for the TRS-80 COCO & MC-10 by William Barden Jr. Added real time input.

(So you don’t have to keep tapping the keys to move, you can just hold the key)

Grail of the Gods – by IBOL. MC-10 conversion by Jim / Charlie Gerrie. Added real time input.

Games that were sold in Radio Shack:

Lost World Pinball – ML Pinball Game. CLOADM to load and EXEC to run.

Micro Games – Includes Breakout, Eggs, Horse Racing, Lunar Lander and Pong.

Micro Checkers – Play checkers against your MC-10.

Click HERE for Micro Checkers instructions. **Needed to play!

Other software:

Extended Basic - by Gary Furr. Adds 27 new commands to the MC-10 basic. (CLOADM)

Click HERE for the Extended Basic manual.

Sound - by Gary Furr. Demonstrates different sounds the MC-10 can make.


Virtual MC-10 .73c

Virtual MC-10 .69c

Virtual MC-10 .69b – A great MC-10 emulator for your PC.

C10TOWAV is now included with Virtual MC-10 emulator

Converts Virtual MC-10 .C10 files to WAV so you can record them to tape and use on a MC-10!!

The MC-10 Joystick:

You can easily create a 2 axis 1 button joystick for the MC-10. I chose to modify a working Atari 2600 joystick and I recommend this to others.

It is very easy to do with basic soldering skills. Click HERE and check out the joystick diagram.

Click HERE for joystick versions of games found on this page. These include:

Asteroids, Bomb Drop, Breakout, Defend, Demon Attack, Freeway, and Road Race.


The Color Computer Archive – A great MC-10 file selction !!!

My MC-10 Homepage – A great MC-10 site with lots of files.

Yet Another Tandy/Radio Shack MC-10 Web Site – Great information for MC-10 basic programmers.

Jim and Charlie Gerrie's Software Page - Excellent MC-10 software and games.

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